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What is

Q. What is

Our mission at is to create the most beautiful online art gallery in the world by showcasing photos, paintings, calligraphy and graphics produced by professional artists from around the globe. You can easily browse the gallery and pick the right piece of art for your living room or office. With Berwaz you can also print your own art or photos from your family vacation. Our printing services uses the best printing technology available and we only use the highest quality material so we guarantee your satisfaction.

Q. What is For Artists

With artists can immediately start earning money from their art. As an artist, this is what you get when you sign-up with Berwaz:

  • Your free, permanent gallery to show case your art to the entire world with your own personalised address
  • Immediately earn money on your beautiful art creations
  • We provide you with world class printing service so that your art will always look great
  • We market your art worldwide so that your art can get the visibility it deserves
  • Delivery platform that will ship your art to the entire world!

If you are photographer, painter, calligrapher, or digital graphics artists don't hesitate - click here and signup now!

Q. What services do you provide on

  • Selling beautiful art produced by professional artists from around the world.
  • Printing services for everyone.
  • Express delivery to the entire world.

Ordering from Berwaz and Payment Options

Q. How do I buy from

Once you find something you like from our Beautiful Art collection, click "add to cart" and continue with the check­out process.

Q. Do I need to register on Berwaz before buying/printing?

Yes, for privacy reasons customers need to register before buying from In one quick step you can create an account where you save your addresses and check all your orders for future reference & faster checkouts.

Q. How do I print my art or personal images on

Printing your art on is exteremely easy. Please follow the following steps:

  1. click on the “Print Your Art” button on the top navigation bar.
  2. ­Upload your image after choosing the source of your images. We provide several upload options such as your computer, phone, flickr, facebook or Instagram.
  3. choose the size and material that you would like your image to be printed on.
  4. Proceed to check out or redo the above steps again if you wish to print several other images.

You can also check the following short “how to print” video:

Q. Can I upload multiple images to to expedite my printing experience?

Yes, you can by choosing the “multiple upload” option in the “Print Your Art” section. If you still not sure, you can also check out this quick video:

Q. I am concerned about uploading my pictures on, will you guys save the images? What is your privacy policy?

Your privacy is our top priority. All images that are uploaded through the “Print Your Art” section will deleted after we process and print your order. To ensure your privacy, all uploaded items will be completely deleted from our servers within 24 hours after the upload occurs. You can read the full version of our privacy policy by clicking on here.

Q. Who will print my personal images/photos?

We have a professional in-­house professional printing team, who will be printing your artwork using state­ of ­the­ art printing technologies.

Q. What payment options are available on Berwaz? How can I pay for my order?

We offer many easy payment options depending on your country:

  • Kuwait: we accept Knet, Visa & MasterCard. (Kuwaiti Dinar)
  • Saudi Arabia: we accept Visa, MasterCard & Money Transfer. (Riyals)
  • All Other International Destinations: we accept Visa & MasterCard. (Dollars)

Q. Can I pay cash when ordering from

No, cash on delivery is not available on However, we have many other easy payment options.

For Artists

Q. I would like to sell my Art on, how can I get in touch?

You can start selling your Beautiful Art instantly on by creating an Artist account and uploading your art work. Click on the “Sell Your Art” tab on the top navigation bar on the website or click here and start uploading!

Q. How long will it take for Berwaz to approve me as an approved seller/artist?

Approving a new artist usually takes from 24 to 48 hours.

Q. What are the requirements for being an Artist on Berwaz??

The general requirement are very simple:

  • Upload a copy of an official valid ID that you use in your country: Passport, Civil ID or Driver’s License
  • Upload Three Art references, to show us that you have the basic knowledge in the art discipline that your work in.
  • Certify that you are the owner of the uploaded and future artwork in your gallery.

Q. How long will it take Berwaz to approve artwork that I uploaded??

Approving new artwork usually takes from 24 to 48 hours.

Q. What is the general submission requirement? why was my submission declined?

The general requirement are very simple:

  • Clean & high resolution upload of images and art work.
  • Certification of the ownership of the intellectual property & non use of other people or organization intellectual property.
  • No pornographic or nude images will be accepted.
  • No reference to profanity will be accepted.
  • No references to hostility, animosity or racism against any religion, spiritual beliefs, race or gender will be accepted.

Q. Will I keep ownership of my art & intellectual property?

Yes, the artist is the owner of all intellectual property rights associated with his art work. The artist is listing his art work on as part of a licensing agreement and has the right to remove it at anytime he deems appropriate. You can click here to read the full Artist Agreement

Q. How much will I be making?

the artist commission varies from time to time. You can click here to read the full Artist Agreement

Q. How & when will I be paid?

Artists sales commissions will be paid periodically. We currently have two payment options available: Bank transfer and cheque payments. All payments will be made net of transfer fees charged by banks.

Order Delivery

Q. How will deliver my order?

We teamed up with Leading Logistic Providers to express deliver your orders right to your doorsteps at very competitive prices.

Q. When will I receive my order?

Orders are delivered within 72 hours for local deliveries (Kuwait) and within 4 to 5 days for international deliveries. For example:

  • Customer orders on Monday
  • Ships the order on Tuesday
  • Kuwait customers receive orders by Wednesday or Thursday.
  • International Orders are received by the following Monday.

Q. To which countries do you deliver?

Currently, we deliver locally to Kuwait. Internationally we deliver to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar & Oman, Lebanon, Egypt. We will be expanding our delivery options to cover more destinations in the near future.

Q. Can I pick up my order from warehouses?

Sorry, but you cannot because we already ship the orders on the next day as promised.

Q. How can I track my order?

For international shipments, we will email you or SMS you the tracking number as soon as the order is shipped. You can track your shipment on the relevant logistics providers’ website.

Q. Can I ship to a different address than the one I used previously?

Yes you can. You can easily add a new address to your account in the checkout page by choosing the “add new address” option.

Returns, Refunds & Privacy Policy

Q. What is Berwaz products Warranty?

In general does not offer warranties except for dead on arrival items where we are committed to our full refund policy.

Q. What is your Return & Refund policy? offers full refund on defective products. Please contact our customer service department to register your claim within 5 business days of receiving your product and we will help with your claim. email us on You can read the full version of our Return and Refund Policy by clicking here

Q. What is your Privacy Policy? Do you save my credit card information? offers a clear certified privacy policy. Berwaz does not save any of your private financial information and will never use your personal data beyond what is explained in the privacy policy. Our primary purpose in collecting personal information is to provide you with a safe, smooth, efficient, and customized experience while shopping on You can read the full version of our Privacy Policy by clicking on the link below

Interacting with Berwaz & Contacting us

Q. How can I get in touch with you? I may have a question, a claim, a protest or I might just feel like talking to someone?

Please send all your enquiries by email to You can also get in touch with us on twitter, Facebook, and our country hotlines

  • Kuwait & International customers can call us at +965 182 1010
  • KSA customers can call us at 920033999
  • UAE customers can call us at 048 840 840

Q. Where is Located? is headquartered in Kuwait with offices and warehouses in Kuwait, Riyadh KSA, Dubai UAE & Cairo Egypt.

Q. Is present on social networks?

Yes, we are present on all major Social Networks, check out the relevant accounts in your preferred social network.

  • Twitter: @Berwazdotcom
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram: @Berwazdotcom